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Affinity Photo Tutorials & Photography

nCodify is a media encoding and utility app that I write and maintain for internal company use. I adapt and add new features when required, such as HLS stream encoding (for Apple TV and in-app video delivery), U-LAW audio (for automated phone messages) and more.

In the past, I have adapted it to achieve broadcast-compliant IMX and XDCAM encoding for advert/programme delivery, as well as ProRes encoding on Windows-based PCs when support from other encoding software was more limited.

Video Encoding

nCodify Preview
  • H264 - efficient compression and choice of software or hardware encoder
  • H265
  • VP8/VP9 (WebM)
  • Apple ProRes (up to 4:4:4 10-bit)
  • Avid DNxHR (up to 4:4:4 10-bit)
  • Animated GIF creation and optimisation
  • Audio editing only (video passthrough)
  • Muxing and demuxing of container files to edit video/audio separately
  • Subtitle track muxing (up to 9 tracks per video file)
  • Subtitle hard coding ('burn in') whilst encoding video
  • Video frames to still images with configurable time/frame number pattern
  • Simultaneous multi format encoding (H264, H265, VP9), developed specifically for embedding video on web pages
  • Rotation options to correct orientation (e.g. smartphone video)
  • Highly configurable encoding options, ships with multiple presets for different use cases and device targets

Video Streaming

nCodify Preview
  • HLS H264 transport stream encoding, Apple TV compliant
  • Automatic handling of playlist and metadata files
  • Used to encode in-app tutorials for Affinity Photo for iPad and all video content for Affinity TV app on Apple TV

Image Encoding

nCodify Preview
  • JPEG - Extremely efficient encoding
  • JPEG Multi Resolution output - quickly generate 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 6x images at configurable resolutions from one input file
  • PNG - efficient 8-bit dithered encoding
  • PNG Multi Resolution output - as with JPEG option, quickly generate 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 6x PNGs.
  • PNG Enhancer - designed specifically to enhance GUI screenshots for print. Enhance local contrast, tonal shift (to avoid "yellowing" during CMYK conversion), fine detail sharpening
  • TIFF & TGA output
  • Unprocessed RAW - used for analytical purposes. Extract greyscale RAW data before white point remapping, demosaicing, colour space conversion and tone mapping
  • GIF Optimisation - further optimise animated GIFs
  • EXIF data rewriting - infrared white balancing, 360 metadata injection


nCodify Preview
  • Deinterlacing with several implementations - field blending (e.g. 60i > 30fps), field interpolation (e.g. 60i > 60fps), adaptive kernel, motion compensated, neural network
  • Accurate colour space conversion and white point adaptation
  • Debanding (Average Pixel & Gradient)
  • Pre-scale blurring (for compression efficiency/reduce aliasing)
  • Pre-scale sharpening
  • 3D/Wavelet denoising
  • Post-scale sharpening
  • Deblocking and deringing for compressed source material
  • DCT denoising (image encoding only)
  • Flip/flop orientation
  • Audio normalisation, loudness normalisation, limiter, EQ and advanced 18-band EQ

Audio Encoding

nCodify Preview
  • WAV (up to 192kHz, 64-bit)
  • AAC (up to 320kbps)
  • FLAC
  • MP3 (up to 320kbps)
  • ALAC (Apple Lossless)
  • U-LAW (for encoding automated phone messages). Configure extension and headerless file writing
  • Dynamic normalisation (compressor + limiter) available for all audio formats